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Giannis ‘trash talked’ the NBA’s biggest stars on ‘The Daily Show,’ and it was adorable

It’s absolutely impossible to dislike Giannis Antetokounmpo. This is an objective truth. Sure, you might be frustrated when he dunks on your team, but at an individual, base level he’s the most likable athlete in any sport.

On Monday night Giannis appeared on The Daily Show with host Hasan Minhaj, and was tasked with trash talking some of the biggest stars in the NBA. It … didn’t go to plan.

You can practically see the pain on Giannis’ face when he has to talk junk about Nikola Jokic, Kevin Durant and LeBron James. He chokes through the trash before turning to the camera and waving it off, complimenting them on their games.

Giannis on Jokic:

“Joker, how you gonna make it through the finals when you look like you could barely make it though the Burger King drive through. Jokic, I love your game.”

Giannis on KD:

“You keep joining super teams to win the NBA title. How ‘bout we work out together sometime so I can teach you how to carry your own team. KD, you’re one of the best scorers to ever play this game. I respect your game. You know, you’ve led by example for 15 years. You were my favorite player growing up, and I respect your game.”

At this point Minhaj couldn’t handle it anymore. His beautiful, poignant trash was being butchered by a man too nice to talk shit.

There was one last chance to turn it all around. All Giannis had to do was spit some fire about LeBron. Could he do it?

“LeBron… I love your game, man. I love your game. You’re the king for a reason. GOAT. Just broke the all-time scoring record. Just keep doing what you’re doing, man. He’s a blueprint. You’re a blueprint man.”

We all have unique talents. Giannis might be one of the greatest players in the NBA, and could easily wind up a legendary Hall of Famer — but it seems he’ll never be good at talking trash.

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