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Greedy Williams is looking forward to a great Eagles defense this season

The Eagles’ new cornerback Greedy Williams landed in Philly to sign his new deal and meet with his coaches on Tuesday, and also took some time to speak to reporters.

Williams said that the Eagles were a great fit — the aspect he later said was one of his top of free agency priorities —, and he was looking to land somewhere that guys are competing and winning. He noted that free agency was a bit up and down but the perfect call came in at the perfect time.

The CB said that most of the conversations so far have just been centered around meeting each other and starting to build those relationships with players and coaches. As far as where he’s expecting to line up, Williams said that it’ll work itself out later on.

He and new Eagles DC Sean Desai talked a little ball when they met.

“It was exciting. He’s a great guy. I’m ready to work with him. I know this is his first year coming in, so we both going to have a fresh start and I’m excited. And what he was saying, you know, I should be looking forward to a great defense.”

Williams didn’t elaborate much with regard to what he brings to the secondary, but says that he will do whatever the coaches as him to, and he’ll contribute however they want. He said he has trust in the coaches to put him in the right position.

Other notables

  • Williams talked about how this will be the first time he’s played with veterans like Darius Slay and James Bradberry, who have so many years under their belt. He explained that they can definitely teach guys a couple things, like how to be a pro, even aside from football, and how to maintain in the NFL.
  • The DB said that having joint practices with the Eagles last year was great, and it was nice for him to see familiar faces that he competed against in college, like A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith.
  • He admitted that his first four years in the league were rocky, a bit of an up and down experience, but he’s focused on performing and doing what he needs to do to help the team win. Williams said that prayer and family got him through some of those rocky times, but he’s past all that and excited for a refresh and restart in Philadelphia.
  • Williams explained how he got the name “Greedy,” giving credit to his Aunt who called him Greedy DeeDee when he was about 6 months old because he was drinking a lot of milk, and Greedy just stuck. It’s what everyone calls him, and he admitted that it’s a fitting name for a CB, “Gotta get them picks.”


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