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Report: Cleveland Browns are still pursuing a trade for Broncos receiver Jerry Jeudy

According to KOA’s Benjamin Allbright, the Cleveland Browns are still continuing their pursuit of a trade for Denver Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy.

Now, last week, 9NEWS Denver’s Mike Klis reported that “it does not appear the Broncos are interested in trading their receivers”, however, it did not completely close the door on a trade happening. The Broncos have a high asking price on their receivers, especially Jerry Jeudy, and teams were not meeting their asking price. So, it seemed like they put it out there that they weren’t interested in trading them to see if another teams steps up their offer and finally bites.

As Allbright notes, the Dallas Cowboys were heavily after Jeudy, but did not want to meet the Broncos first-round pick asking price. They eventually moved on to Brandin Cooks and removed themselves from the Jeudy market. That leaves the Browns and Patriots, and Allbright states that the Browns are still continuing their pursuit of Jeudy. They do not have a first round pick so they would need to trade a second round pick and a player to acquire Jeudy from the Broncos.

The Browns currently have the 42nd overall pick in the second round of next months NFL Draft. That’s not a “early second round pick” but it still gets the Broncos back into the second round and they would also get a player back as well. I would assume this player would have to be a starting worthy player at a position of need like cornerback (Greg Newsome II perhaps?)

I know you guys love rumors, but there is a lot of smoke out there, especially on the Cleveland end about this trade going down. It has seemed likely, despite Klis’s report, that the Broncos would be moving at least one of their receivers this offseason. Sutton seemed more likely, but if the Broncos can get back the 42nd overall pick and a player who can start, that’s a deal they are going to make. Newly hired head coach Sean Payton is expected to shake up this roster, so it should not be surprising to see moves like this happening.

We shall see what comes of this, but there seems to be some very real smoke out there. Will it amount to anything? All depends if Cleveland is willing to pay up and give into the Broncos demands. History tells us, especially after last year, they usually end up giving in and doing what it takes to get the player they want.

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