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Thoughts on Mark Davis’ recent comments

Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis conducted interviews with the Las Vegas Review-Journal and The Athletic at the NFL owners meetings in Phoenix this week.

Let’s breakdown some of his comments:

His responsibility:

Davis told both outlets “the buck stops here.”

Ok, great. But what does that mean?

Players get cut or traded when teams falter. Coaches get fired when expectations don’t get met.


Well, they just keep on owning.

So, it really doesn’t matter if the buck stops with Davis. He’s not going to punish himself for the team’s failures. He is right, it is his responsibility. That means he must do what it takes to win and truly see a change. Anything else is simply lip service and empty calorie speak.

Derek Carr:

Davis apologized to former Raiders’ quarterback Derek Carr for not winning during his nine seasons with the Silver and Black and Carr seemed to appreciate being thanked for his time with the organization.

I found it interesting that Carr, now the starting quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, is already thinking about his post-playing days and being there to assist Davis in any way. It’s clear Carr is buying into the “once a Raider, always a Raider’ mantra in his post-planning days.

The Fans:

There have been reports that Davis has been upset that so many fans of the opponent take over Allegiant Stadium on game days. It’s been a problem for the two seasons that fans have been allowed inside for games.

It, frankly, will always be an issue because Las Vegas will always be an attraction for opposing fans. Davis explained that he’s not mad at Raiders fans but mad at the circumstances.

I get what he’s saying and I understand it. The best way to keep the enemy away is to give a great product that will make Raiders’ fans want to keep their tickets. Yet, again, there will always be a lot of opposing fans coming to Las Vegas on game weekend,


It’s all about winning. It really doesn’t matter what the owner has to say. Until this team wins, the pressure will be felt from ownership on down.

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