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Derrick Lewis won, took his pants off, and gave us the best UFC 229 interview

Derrick Lewis had the best postgame interview of all time. And no, I didn’t dig through the coffers to some guy’s rant back in 1974, but in my soon-to-be 26 years of life — shoutouts to Scorpio Gang — I’ve never seen anything like it.

Before you watch the video, please let me give you some context

Lewis fought Alexander Volkov in the second round of the UFC 229 main card Saturday night, and Volkov nearly knocked this man out in the first round. But Volkov kind of poked Lewis in the eye, and referee Herb Dean stopped the fight, giving Lewis time to catch a breath. He survived the round, then survived getting washed in the second.

So in the third and final round, Lewis danced around the ring, not really throwing any punches until around the final minute. Had time run out, the decision would 100 percent have gone Volkov’s way.

But time didn’t run out. With under 20 seconds left in the third and final round, Lewis connected with a jab then put all his might into a bomb of a cross. It connected square on Volkov’s jaw. It was a TKO that ended the fight with 11 seconds left.

Lewis took a beating in this fight but toughed it out. He was barely coherent when Joe Rogan rushed him for the post-fight interview.

Thats what made this this interview so damn funny. That’s why it’s the best I’ve ever seen.

Lewis took his pants off before Rogan came up to, and when asked why he did so, Lewis’ response was practical:

“Because my balls was hot.”

Volkov is Russian and Lewis is American. So what did Lewis say about his opponent’s nationality.

“[I wanted to] knock this Russian motherfucker out because they’re making him look bad on the news,” Lewis said. “… You know Vladimir Putin and shit … USA in this hoe.”

And when Rogan asked Lewis about the prospect of a title fight in the near future, the barely conscious fighter kept it real and said:

“I need to sit my black ass down and do some more cardio fuck what you talking about right now i ain’t trying to fight for a title right now.”

Lewis wasn’t here for it. At all. The rest of that NSFW interview was complete comedy. The best post-fight interview ever.

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