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One of the most shocking finishes in UFC history deserves a deep rewind

Four years ago, no one believed Ronda Rousey could be beaten. Plenty of fighters had strung together longer winning streaks, but the way she was doing it hadn’t been seen before. She was the only women’s bantamweight champion the promotion had ever known, and it wasn’t farfetched to believe that would be the case until she decided to retire. I mean, she entered UFC 193 having needed just 14 seconds to defend the title in her most recent bout.

But then came Holly Holm. By simply lasting the first round, this massive underdog challenger had people second-guessing Rousey’s future. Holm had dominated the fight, or it at least seemed that way due to expectations heading into the event. It was a shock, even when considering Holm was a former boxing world champion, defending her belts 16-times across multiple weight classes. The best striker Rousey had ever faced was doing exactly as she wanted to, and Rousey didn’t have any answers.

Already it’s been a surprise. Holm could deliver Rousey’s first professional loss. Rousey needs just one chance to create her most exciting finish yet. Relive the moment with this deep rewind.

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