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UFC 219 results: Full winners, analysis and reaction from Cyborg vs. Holm

UFC 219: Cyborg vs. Holm is over, with Cris Cyborg successfully defending her UFC Women’s Featherweight Championship against Holly Holm in the main event. Cyborg and Holm went the distance, with the champion ultimately controlling the latter three rounds, and winning unanimously on the judge’s scorecards.

The first round was competitive, with Cyborg landing a hard right hand, but Holm connecting with more hard shots of her own and controlling the action. Cyborg started to connect more in the second round, but every time she did, Holm widely closed the gap, clinched, and got her against the fence. Holm landed her own shots in the round, but Cyborg was a bit more active.

Things took a turn in the third, when Cyborg became more aggressive, and Holm stopped being able to keep up. Cyborg landed some very hard shots in the third and fourth. Holm tried to fight back with some good combos in the fifth, but Cyborg did enough to win that round.

In the co-feature, Khabib Nurmagomedov extended his unbeaten streak to 25 wins, thoroughly dominating Edson Barboza en route to a three-round decision. One judge saw it 30-24 in favor of Nurmagomedov, who threw around 200 significant strikes to around 20 from Barboza, according to the broadcast.

Nurmagomedov thought he had a title shot previously, and had a chip on his shoulder when he didn’t get it despite dominant wins. He’s now beaten some of the very best and should have a shot at Conor McGregor or the interim champion, Tony Ferguson. Barboza was riding a three-fight winning streak going into their match on Saturday.

The main card opened with a pair of bouts featuring former champions. The first saw Carlos Condit and Neil Magny go three rounds in the welterweight division, a bout that eventually went to Magny via unanimous decision. Condit was striking well, but his takedown defense was nonexistent, and Magny was quickly ahead on the scorecards.

It will be interesting to see where Condit, 33, goes from here. He’s now lost his last three bouts, but all were against top competition. His last win was against Thiago Alves in May 2015.

The second bout saw former champion Carla Esparza take on Cynthia Calvillo in another bout that went all three rounds, with the former holding on to win a unanimous decision. All three judges gave her a 29-28 score, but it was a very close fight, and many think Calvillo did enough to win the first two rounds.

In the third main card fight, Dan Hooker and Marc Diakiese fought a very even fight for two rounds, but the fight ended in the third when Hooker was able to catch his opponent going for a takedown, securing a guillotine choke that forced a tap. Diakiese’s corner had just warned him against going for a takedown between rounds, too.

Below is the full round-by-round coverage of the main card fights, and below that is a full list of results from the entire UFC 219 card.

Cris Cyborg def. Holly Holm via unanimous decision (49-46, 48-47, 48-47)

Round 1: Cyborg lands a straight left that grazes. She throws a power left that just misses. Holm connects with a right hand as Cyborg misses with a head kick. Holm clinches and presses Cyborg against the cage. Cyborg manages to get out of it. Leg kick from Cyborg lands. Left straight from Holm lands, and it looks like Cyborg grazed her with a right hand as well. Right hook from Cyborg lands on the jaw, but Holm is backing away as it connects. They clinch, and Holm gets Cyborg against the fence again. They separate, and Cyborg throws a leg kick that misses. Holm blocks both of the shots thrown by Cyborg in the final seconds.

Round 2: Jab from Holm lands and there’s some blood coming out of Cyborg’s nose. Cyborg lands a big right kick to the body. Holm does get a left jab in, but the kick was much harder. Left high kick from Holm is blocked. Left straight lands from Holm, but Cyborg connects with a right hand of her own, on the chin. They flinch, and Holm gets Cyborg pressed against the fence. They separate. Cyborg connects with another stiff right, and Holm immediately clinches her again after the contact. A par of right high kicks from Cyborg glance off and are blocked for the most part. Big kick to the body from Cyborg lands.

Round 3: Cyborg connects with a good knee to the body during an early clinch. Holm has some swelling under her left eye. Cyborg misses with an overhand right. Good right hand followed by a knee to the body from Cyborg. Right high kick from Holm lands. Cyborg tries to get Holm pressed against the fence, but Holm circles away. Holm lands a nice leg kick, and a left straight. Cyborg is pressuring Holm a lot more in this round. Cyborg connects with a hard punch in the final 10 seconds, and it wobbled Holm. Cyborg tries to swarm and throw a flurry, but the round comes to an end.

Round 4: Holm lands a nice straight left hand. Cyborg has plenty of confidence right now. She’s landing with her jabs and cutting off the octagon. Right head kick from Cyborg lands on the cheek, but Holm stays up. Right straight from Holm lands, but Cyborg is in control. Cyborg lands a right head kick that was nearly a shin, which probably would have put Holm out. Holm gets Cyborg against the fence, but Cyborg quickly gets out of it, and chases Holm down. Brutal jab from Cyborg lands after a failed Holm flurry. The round ends with Cyborg in control.

Round 5: If Holm can come back in this round, she can still win as she has an argument for taking the first two rounds. But the last two weren’t encouraging. Holm comes out firing, but nothing is landing. She tries some big punches, but Cyborg keeps coming forward. Holm gets Cyborg against the fence, and pushes her against it. Cyborg gets out though, landing a big left hand and just missing with another big kick. Big right kick to the body from Cyborg. Holm does land a pair of straights, but Cyborg walks right through them and lands a right hook of her own. She dodges a big Holm flurry and peppers her with a hard left jab. Holm continues trying to throw combos, but nothing is landing until the final minute, when Holm lands three hard shots that stagger Cyborg briefly. But Cyborg handles it, walks through, and Holm gets Cyborg against the fence. Cyborg gets out of it, and throws a hard knee to the body. The fight ends, and it was a good one. It should be Cyborg’s fight.

Khabib Nurmagomedov def. Edson Barboza via unanimous decision (30-25, 30-25, 30-24)

Round 1: Immediately, Barboza is going for the leg kicks. He lands a couple big ones early. He throws a punch and eats a straight from Nurmagomedov, who pushes him against the fence and they clinch. Nurmagomedov attempts a takedown, but Barboza gets away from it. Barboza lands a huge kick to the body. Nurmagomedov throws a punch combo that lands, and he’s taunting Barboza. He gets Barboza against the fence, and then trips him. He throws heavy ground-and-pound, big punches and elbows that land, and he’s only in half guard. Barboza has little he can do from the bottom. Barboza has some sweating over his eyes. Nurmagomedov gets full mount briefly, but Barboza manages to push himself back out of it. He gets his back to the fence on the ground and Nurmagomedov lands punch after punch right on his face. Thirty seconds to go. More punches from Nurmagomedov land heavily. The round comes to an end.

Round 2: Nurmagomedov taunts Barboza instead of touching gloves. Big body kick from Barboza. Knee to the body from Nurmagomedov lands. They clinch against the fence, with Nurmagomedov holding Barboza against it. Nurmagomedov is jogging lightly after Barboza, taunting him fully. Barboza throws a spinning head kick that is just barely missed. Nurmagomedov attempts a takedown and he gets Barboza gainst the fence and on the ground. Nurmagomedov lands big ground-and-pound. Barboza is barely fighting back at this point. The round comes to an end. Barboza is out of this fight.

Round 3: Barboza comes back out for the third, which is a questionable decision from his corner. Nurmagomedov lands a flurry of straights, and gets Barboza against the fence again. He pounds away, works on a takedown, dragging Barboza to the ground. Barboza gets to his feet near the end of the round and throws a knee that lands and does damage, but Nurmagomedov is fine. The fight ends, and it’s definitely Nurmagomedov’s fight.

Dan Hooker def. Marc Diakiese via submission (guillotine choke) at 0:42 of Round 3

Round 1: Diakiese catches a body kick from Hooker early. Diakiese just misses with a very fast and hard spinning body kick. This is definitely a feeling-out round. Diakiese throws another spinning kick, but Hooker catches it. Leg kick from Diakiese. Left straight from Hooker lands. Diakiese eats a leg kick and misses with a big overhand right. Hooker defends against a takedown attempt from the clinch, and then secures one of his own with 10 seconds to go. He holds Diakiese down against the fence, with both getting up as the round comes to an end.

Round 2: Hooker gets Diakiese up against the fence, and it’s a long battle for position. Diakiese spins out of it, but Hooker spins him back. They finally separate after more than a minute. Diakiese lands a couple leg kicks. Hooker comes in for a right hook and they clinch, but separate again. Hooker goes for a takedown and gets it, but Diakiese is immediately up against the fence. Hooker pulls him away and spins around to take Diakiese’s back. He gets it and he’s trying to work a rear-naked choke. The referee, stupidly, warns the fighters that they need to work despite one fighter having the other’s back. Diakiese eventually spins out of the position and is on top, but there’s only 10 seconds to go. The round comes to an end.

Round 3: Diakiese lands a big left hook and a right hook with Hooker against the fence early. Diakiese is turning it up big time, but in the middle of a scramble, with Diakiese attempting a takedown, Hooker secures a guillotine choke and they fall right into it. Diakiese has no choice but to tap immediately. It was deep, and a great finish for Hooker.

Carla Esparza def. Cynthia Calvillo via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Round 1: Calvillo eats a big leg kick early, but she’s showing the most aggression early. She ducks under a straight punch and secures a takedown about a minute in. Calvillo is trying to transition from full guard, and she eventually moves to half guard. She’s trying to sweep to side control, but Esparza gets her back into full guard. Calvillo lands a couple strong elbows. Esparza grabs an arm and is trying hard for an armbar. She straightens it out and comes very close to getting it, but Calvillo stands up to separate. She then falls down into side control. Calvillo works the ground and pound as she tries to get to mount. She’s landing a lot of short shots from the top, and while they’re not huge shots, they are damaging. She gets into mount and lands some huge punches. Esparza spins out of it and Calvillo tries to take her back, but Esparza flips it around and ends up on top. She delivers a few shots of her own, but the round comes to an end.

Round 2: They exchange long straights from distance, but nothing lands for the first minute. Calvillo just misses with a big right hand. She eats two hard shots from Esparza, right on the chin. Esparza attempts a takedown, but fails. The two spend the rest of the round exchanging on the feet, and Calvillo gets the better of it. She lands some nice jabs, but Esparza gets a few shots as well. It’s a pretty even round.

Round 3: Calvillo gets Esparza against the fence, and she lands some hard shots there. Esparza attempts a takedown and doesn’t get it. Calvillo is baiting her into trying the takedowns, and she’s easily defending them. Calvillo lands a big right straight. Esparza throws a couple flurries of her own, short punches, a few of which land. But she’s not really doing damage to Calvillo. Calvillo attempts a takedown and doesn’t get it, and then eats a big left hand as they separate. Esparza is coming forward big time, throwing huge flurries, and in the final seconds, they start to land. Calvillo eats some big ones, and the fight comes to an end. This will be a hard one to score.

Neil Magny def. Carlos Condit via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Round 1: The two exchange leg kicks to start the round. Condit misses with a left head kick. Magny catches a Condit kick and pushes him to the mat. Condit, though, grabs on Magny’s leg and they are left struggling for position, Condit on his back, holding onto a leg and Magny standing. Magny spins out of it and falls down into full guard on top of Condit. But he’s not on there for long, as Condit gets to the fence and gets back standing. Magny attempts a takedown, but Condit defends. They separate after a minute of jockeying for position. Condit misses with a right hook. Condit lands a straight to the body and misses with another high kick. Magny is waiting for his opportunity. Magny just misses with a hard left straight. Condit lands a nice one-two straight combo, but misses with a jumping knee. He gets Magny against the fence, and lands a nice elbow when they separate. Magny lands a leg kick. Magny connects with a right overhand that glances off. Left hand to the body followed by a right leg kick from Condit, and then a big spinning back kick to the body lands hard as the round ends.

Round 2: Magny gets Condit against the cage, and tries to work heavy knees. Condit tries to punch from his position, but Magny picks him up and gets a takedown. Condit is trying to work another leg submission, and Magny is forced to defend. Magny gets loose and gets on top in full guard. But he doesn’t get much from the position, and Condit ends up on his feet. He throws a big flurry, landing a left to the body and head. He clinches with Magny against the fence. Magny turns him around and secures another takedown, but Condit gets right back up. He takes him down again, and the round comes to an end.

Round 3: Condit is winning the standup, but he’s probably losing due to the takedowns and inaction with Magny in a dominant position. Magny connects with a pair of left straights, and a leg kick. Condit tries a flurry but Magny avoids well. Good right straight from Magny. Another big right from Magny as he catches Condit’s leg on a kick. They clinch, and Magny lands a big straight as they separate. Condit puts together a nice combination that pushes Magny into the fence, but he recovers. Condit ends up on his back again, with Magny trying to stay on top. The fight comes to an end. It’s probably Magny’s fight.

UFC 219 full card results

Main card

Women’s Featherweight: Cris Cyborg def. Holly Holm via unanimous decision (49-46, 48-47, 48-47)
Lightweight: Khabib Nurmagomedov def. Edson Barboza via unanimous decision (30-25, 30-25, 30-24)
Lightweight: Dan Hooker def. Marc Diakiese via submission (guillotine choke) at 0:42 of Round 3
Women’s Strawweight: Carla Esparza def. Cynthia Calvillo via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Welterweight: Neil Magny def. Carlos Condit via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Preliminary card

Light Heavyweight: Michal Oleksiejczuk def. Khalil Rountree via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Featherweight: Myles Jury def. Rick Glenn via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Middleweight: Marvin Vettori vs. Omari Akhmedov ends in majority draw (28-28, 29-28, 28-28)
Flyweight: Matheus Nicolau def. Louis Smolka via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-25)
Bantamweight: Tim Elliott def. Mark De La Rosa via submission (anaconda choke) at 1:41 of Round 2

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